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You’re Invited — 
This Wednesday (October 8th) @ 8pm

Come to The Way Station 
(Brooklyn’s only steampunk bar with a TARDIS bathroom) 

It’s an evening of NERD comedy 
made specifically for nerds, by nerds. 

No condescending corporate geek-speak, it’s 100% organic, Brooklyn-based artesanal nerdy-comedy.

with TV’s FRANK (from Mystery Science Theater 3000)

Liam McEneaney (Tell Your Friends podcast) 

Meghan O’Neill (Reductress, J Crew Crew web-series)

Manolo Blank (toured the globe with Britney Spears) 

Nick Nadel (Comics Alliance, The Onion)

Jeff Balrogworthy (redneck nerd comic) 

Hosted by Kevin Maher (Kevin Geeks Out)

The show features stand-up, readings and short videos. 

Just $10, Ages 21+

No advanced ticket sales, arrive early for best seats. 

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I made this Public Service Announcement for Comic Con because I’m doing two big shows as part of New York Super Week.

1. NERD COMEDY: For Nerds, By Nerds
Wednesday October 8th @ 8:00pm
at The Way Station
683 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn

Nerdy comedy performed at a Steampunk bar with a TARDIS bathroom.

Featuring Frank Conniff (aka TV’s Frank from MST3K)
comedian Liam McEneaney (Tell Your Friends podcast)

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No one wants to pass up a “great opportunity.” Certainly not me.  When I was in my 20’s I’d say “yes” to countless stand-up gigs, web-videos, presentation pilots, pop culture blogging, you-name-it.

I needed to build-up my professional resume and I knew I could learn from people who had more experience than I did.

But after a few years of fattening my resume, I was burning myself out on other people’s projects. I didn’t have much to show for it. And mostly I was learning that a lot of the projects weren’t what they promised to be and neither were the people.

Worst of all, the combination of low-paying and no-paying gigs was keeping me from pursuing my own dreams. 
But today when someone contacts me with “a great opportunity” I use this simple test (created by my wife and me) to decide what to do.

Once the potential employer/collaborator/Svengali gives me the details on the workload, I rate the project based on these traits.

(1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest)

Money (score it on a scale of 1 – 5) 
Is there pay?  Is the pay any good?  Is there enough money for the amount of time required?
Creatively fulfilling (score it on a scale of 1 – 5)
Will this work be personally satisfying? If not, there better be something else on this list as a reason to do it.
Peers (score it on a scale of 1 – 5)
Will I be in contact with enjoyable, admirable peers? Are these people I want to build a professional relationship with?
Impact on personal life (score it on a scale of 1 – 5)
Will this movie/TV show/interactive online novella get in the way of my time with friends and family?  Am I going to be working late nights?  Is that worth it?
Beneficial for my Career (score it on a scale of 1 – 5)
Does this job represent a clear step forward on chosen professional path?
Just as New York City has standards about what grade of meat is served in its restaurants, I have a number that a project must clear.  

Then I can take a job, provided the sum clears that hurdle.

Sometimes the money’s bad, but the collaborators are good and it’s not too time consuming. 

Or maybe the job isn’t a resume builder, but the money’s great.

Or it’s not inspiring people, but the project is something I’ve always wanted to try so it’s personally fulfilling.

I’ve taken every possible combination of traits and I’ve gone into each freelance job knowing exactly why I took it.

Identify your top priorities.  Find your cut-off grade.

Maybe you don’t like working early hours.Or you want to work from home. Or you just want to take a one-time gig to put a big-name employer to put on your resume.

How bad does a job have to be for you to say no?  (Or how good does a job have to be for you to say yes?)

Once you decide what’s important to you, you can create your own version of the Freelancer’s test and you can start turning down jobs without any regrets or apologies.

* * * 

Kevin Maher is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer whose work has been seen on HBO, Comedy Central, CNN and Nickelodeon. Journalists have compared Kevin to Ernie Kovacs and Jonathan Winters, but his highest praise came from Tiger Beat who called him “funny!”  Follow him on twitter: @KevinGeeksOut

And see his upcoming live shows during New York Super Week. MORE HERE

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A trip to FUNSPOT — the biggest arcade in the entire world! 
Whoops – I spent the entire game with my left turn signal on. 
Best video game based on a play by William Shakespeare. 

Could it be? A true super-villain inside Funspot 
trying to reclaim his Donkey Kong record??

 I love a cash-grab as much as the next millionaire, but Domino’s was as greedy as Galactus. 

 Just call me MISTER DO! 
Go Marius, go! 
 In 1983 they had completely run out of game-ideas. 

This game should not be as hard as it is. 
 Damn, I’d wanted to play the game with Tracy the Gorilla.
 People tell me I look like Hef. (When I wear my Captain’s hat, they do.)

 Is it just me or do you find Ms. Pac-Man strangely attractive? 

Here I am, about to rescue this princess 
from a giant bowl of clam chowder.

What’s this? An arcade game based on my climb 
to the top of the funny-books industry?
 Of course your old pal Stan doesn’t know anything about losing subscribers. 

 I’ve been a fan ever since I watched Hanna-Barbera’s SUPER GLOBETROTTERS. 

Lick it up, True Believers! 
Now this is more my speed. Excelsior! 
Not to be confused with Donkey Kong.
First computers needed analysts, now robots are bowling. 
 We used to put gorillas on the covers to sell comics. 
I guess it worked here with Donkey Kong. 
The world’s biggest pinball machine 
in the world’s biggest arcade 
with the world’s biggest comic book creator. 
As a professional writer I can tell you, 
these are some excellent character names. 
Burgertime! Though I prefer HULK BURGERS, 
(which is what they call burgers at Comic Con)
I hate it when a beloved children’s property sells-out.
Again with the Regans.
Move over Howard Stern, 
Flat Stan Lee is the King of All Media.
The least popular game in the whole arcade. 
Nerd Alert! 
Thanks for a great day of gaming, Fun Spot truly is a FUN SPOT!
*    *    * 
 You can see more of FLAT STAN LEE on this tumblr page. 
You can print this drawing, take some photos and send it to

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