by Kevin on

After 22 shows, great reviews and sold-out houses, Kevin Maher (pictured, with gorilla) is stopping the run following this Friday’s event (Kevin Geeks Out About Aliens ).  Since January 2008 Kevin produced the monthly “pop culture cavalcade”, covering favorite genre topics like Bigfoot , BatmanDummy Deaths,  Visions of the Future and Shark Cinema.  

Here are five internet rumors about why the show is ending:

1.     Kevin suddenly realized he hates low-budget cult movies from the 70’s.
2.     Kevin only started the show to impress a cool girl in “nerd” glasses, but has since learned she has a boyfriend.
3.     Kevin needs more time to write horrible science-fiction novels under the pen name “William Shatner”
4.     Kevin wants to spend more time with his family, specifically: telling his wife and children some long, anecdotes about the critical reception to “Krull”
5.     Kevin developed a rare form of Terminal Diarrhea.