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The 5th annual show about the world’s most entertaining spectacle. 

WHEN: Saturday, September 26th @ 8pm 
(doors at 7:30, with a custom pre-show video)

WHERE: Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING (2015) from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.

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The August 27th show at Nitehawk Cinema sold-out. 

I can’t possibly do justice to the event, but here’s photographic evident that it happened, along with a video. 

Don’t miss the next show, KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE, Thursday September  17th at Nitehawk Cinema. Get tickets HERE Kevin Maher with co-host TOM BLUNT.

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The Kevin Geeks Out show will feature not one but TWO excellent nights of pop culture celebration. 


A two hour video-variety show that looks at the end of the world as we know it. With great guest speakers, rare video clips, and a costume contest/post-apocalyptic fashion show. 

This one-night-only event is part of the Brooklyn Book Festival, so expect some intelligent literary discussion about HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN. 

guests include: Emily Asher-Perrin ( Tenebrous Kate (Heretical Sexts), Peter Miller (the Post-Apocalypitc Book Club), Nathaniel Wharton ( and Matt Glasson (Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Sharks) 

Get tickets in advance HERE, since the show will sell out. 

Thursday September 17th @ 9:30pm
Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg
note: the venue has a full kitchen, you can eat/drink during the show. 

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.

* * * 

Second, it’s the fourth annual KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING.

This multi-media tribute show looks at the world’s most entertaining spectacle, with lots of odd video clips, a tribute to Roddy Piper, live commentary on a classic match, a roundtable discussion about wrestling’s myths, rumors and legends and a trivia round. 

This event is co-hosted by Brian Solomon, author of the excellent book PRO WRESTLING F.A.Q. (Brian will be selling and signing copies of his book after the show.) 

Along with special guests: Mike “the Main Event” Edison, The 6th Boro Saint Dennis Holden, and Parts Uknown resident Brandon Rohwer. Plus: a surprise guest (to be announced.)  

Get advanced tickets HERE, you choose your seat. 

Saturday September 26th @ 8:00pm 
(doors at 7:30 for a special video pre-show) 
at The Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers
note: this venue has a full kitchen, you can eat and drink during the event. 

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The August KEVIN GEEKS OUT show is all about Lady Robots: a virtual parade of female robots from the last 100 years of science fiction, featuring Frisky Fembots of the 1960s, Cyber-clones of the ‘20s, Killer Androids of the ‘80s and much more.

This show spotlights ass-kicking killbots and seductive replicants, plus electric grandmothers and feminist revolutionaries. Kevin and guests explore the question: what does a wholly manufactured woman want, and what will she do to get it?

with Co-Host Tom Blunt and special guests: 

Cici James (owner of Singularity & Co. sci-fi bookstore) 

Moon Ribas (co-founder, The Cyborg Foundation)

Seth Porges (technology writer/editor) 

Jenn Northington (co-founder, Bookrageous)

and more

Watch the trailer here:

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Time for the next installment of KEVIN GEEKS OUT. This month’s show is all about SUPER VILLAINS. 

A story is only as good as its villain, so comedian Kevin Maher takes an obsessive look at some of the best and worst super villains. This two-hour multi-media show includes a virtual parade of power-mad perverts, bald villains, cartoon criminals, Satanic weirdoes, wrestling heels and more.

Kevin is joined by co-host Tenebrous Kate (creator of My Dream Date with a Villain) and a diabolical line-up of special guests, including 
• Illustrator Becky Munich (“Monster Activity Book”) 
• Writer Nick Nadel (truTV,,  
• Doctor Maureen Mararese 
• Filmmaker Paul Murphy (Red Obsession)
• Professor Geoff Klock (“The Future of Comics, The Future of Men”) 

All this, plus trivia prizes, lame super-villains and even some V.I.L.F.s

Trailer: KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT SUPERVILLAINS from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.
KEVIN GEEKS OUT is a video variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher – a confabulation of obscure film clips, offbeat commentary, guest experts, games and curiosities. To geek out with Kevin you don’t have to be a geek, just a pop culture-adventurer.


New York Times coverage of KEVIN GEEKS OUT

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“Feast your eyes on this” my 7-year-old told me and revealed his latest masterpiece: a Lego playset based on Edgar Allen Poe’s THE RAVEN. 

My kid first got into Poe via YouTube’s Epic Rap Battles of History (there’s a video where Stephen King faces off with Poe.) 

After his interest in the macabre author, my wife read him the famous poem (and showed him the drawings in Gahan Wilson’s Classics Illustrated adaptation from the ’90s.) 

He soon realized it was the same poem the Simpsons dramatized in the very first Treehouse of Horror. And he’s been watching it over and over, wishing there was a Lego playset. So he build his own. 

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Starting this June, we’re bringing the KEVIN GEEKS OUT show back to Brooklyn for an extended run at NITEHAWK CINEMA in Williamsburg. 

The series begins Thursday June 25th with KEVIN GEEKS OUT about ANIMAL ATTACKS, keeping with the KGO tradition there will be dozens of film clips presented by special guests. (Order tickets in advance HERE, the show will sell-out.)

KGO shows continue once a month, with a different theme each month. 

You can save the summer dates: 

Thursday July 30th @ 9:30
Thursday August 27th @ 9:30
Thursday September 17th @ 9:30

(come back here in July to see the topics for each show.) 


A two-hour video variety show of rare footage and pop culture commentary.

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I wrote a piece at, originally titled “Holy shit, six movies I hadn’t realized are totally about VIETNAM.” They changed the title, but it’s still pretty good. You can read it here. It’s “smart”, in a sort of way. 

Interestingly (well, interesting to no one but me) — my college thesis was about Vietnam in popular memory, so this essay was a return to that. I barely graduated college because of my non-traditional thesis-lecture-show. So writing this essay about Vietnam movies felt very Rambo; but instead of returning to Vietnam I was going back to the treacherous landscape of media studies. “Do I get to win this time?” 

Lastly: I would make a case that GHOSTBUSTERS is about Reagan not dealing with the ghosts of Viet Nam. But I don’t want to risk “ruining” someone’s childhood with that theory. 
My STAR WARS personal essay. (Don’t worry, I don’t argue that STAR WARS is the first pro-war film since John Wayne’s THE GREEN BERETS.) 

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Kids learn various bits of pop-culture, including references to the R-rated world of grown-up movies. On the playground my 7-year-old learned about THE SHINING. (Which he immediately recognized from a TREEHOUSE OF HORROR parody.) Anyway, my boy has an idea for sequel (I guess his friend didn’t tell him about DOCTOR SLEEP.) 

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