Comedian Kevin Maher hosts a video variety show about cinema’s deadliest women.

The evening of clips and commentary explores character types including: homicidal heroines, lady vigilantes, roving girl gangs and female assassins. Plus a celebration of lesbian vampires, mystical crones, bad seed daughters and femme fatale robots. All this and a salute to Pam Grier!

Featuring presentations by

Jon Abrams (editor-in-chief, DAILY GRINDHOUSE.com)

Travis Alexandra Boatright (award-winning costume designer)

Amber Dextrous (Friend of KGO)

Tenebrous Kate (host of the podcast BAD BOOKS FOR BAD PEOPLE)

Kevin Rice (writer/producer/director of TV’s GHOUL A GO-GO)

Rommel Wood (NPR producer for ASK ME ANOTHER, host of EAR HAMMER on Radio Free Brooklyn)

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