Halloween celebrates all kinds of horror movies, this year Kevin and company are celebrating Hag Horror.

It’s an evening dedicated to hagsploitation, from the former Hollywood A-listers who gained second careers in b-movie grindhouse fare, to the post-modern witches. The power of the hag is like no other, whether they are reminiscing about better times from a decaying home to tormenting younger women.

Come take part in a one of a kind video variety show and see why SyFy.com called Kevin an “insane genius.”

with special guests:

Tom Blunt (Signature Reads, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)

Cristina Cacioppo (programmer, Alamo Drafthouse)

Tenebrous Kate (co-host, Bad Books for Bad People podcast)

Wendy Mays (host, Pet Cinematary podcast)

Gena Radcliffe (co-host, Kill by Kill podcast)

Bob Satuloff (playwright and film critic)