Kevin Maher returns to Nitehawk Cinema for this video variety show celebrating iconic movie monsters.

Each guest pays tribute to his/her favorite version of a famous creature. Come see rare footage and hear dynamic discussions about the vampire, the Frankenstein Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and many more monsters.

We’ll look at everything from classic films to bizarre remakes and unusual re-imaginings.

See why DailyGrindhouse.com called Kevin Geeks Out “like TED Talks for Midnight Movies.”

With special guests:

• Amber Dextrous (from Kevin Geeks Out About Tobe Hooper)
• Jon Abrams (editor-in-chief at DailyGrindhouse.com)
• Kevin Rice (writer/producer/director of GHOUL A-GO-GO)
• Kevin Harrington (from THE HADRON GOSPEL HOUR)
• Chris Smith (co-host of the READ IT AND WEEP podcast)
• Jack Theakston (Projectionist and Film Historian)