There have been 4 different installments of KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING.

Guests have included WWE Superstar Tommy Dreamer and PRO WRESTLING FAQ author Brian Solomon. As always, the shows bring together obscure movies and vintage videos – as well as infamous matches and the weirdest moments in sports entertainment. Plus trivia, prizes and a roundtable discussion on wrestling rumors, myths and legends.

The 2014 installment included the year’s best “tWWEets”, a Rowdy Roddy retrospective, Kevin’s ongoing search for the world’s worst wrestling movie, a Dusty Rhodes tribute, and live commentary on a classic match (“The War to Settle the Score”, showing Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper on MTV’s first-ever wrestling special.)


  • “2 years in tights: memories of a masked wrestler” by Kevin Maher
  • “The Heel Matrix” by Brandon Rohwer
  • “The Shadow Knows” interactive multi-media game by Noah Tarnow (of The Big Quiz Thing)
  • “7 years in the tower: What I learned at the WWE” by Brian Solon
  • “Turn Me On Dead Man: a history of The Undertaker” by Mike Edison
  • “God in Wrestling” by Dennis Holden
  • A serving of “Macho Muffins” (yellow corn muffins with Slim Jims) courtesy of Artist-Baker Sara Reiss


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