Our premiere show at the 92Y Tribeca was all about Lycanthropy, co-hosted by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers (authors of THE WEREWOLF’S GUIDE TO LIFE: A GUIDE TO THE NEWLY BITTEN.) Ritch and Bob read excepts from the book, and shared some original bits written especially for the event and did a werewolf Q&A.

The night included 27 different clips from movies and tv shows. Highlights included footage from DOG SOLDIERS, FURY OF THE WOLFMAN and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN.

Low-lights included clips from TEEN WOLF TOO, BEETLEJUICE’S GRAVEYARD REVUE and WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON. (I still regret showing that last one.)

The theme-snacks of the night were WEREWOLF CUPCAKES and SLIM JIMS (inspired by the 1970’s comic book ads illustrated by Jack Davis.)

Theme-blocks included Werewolf transformation sequences (from WEREWOLF OF LONDON, DOG SOLDIERS and THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON.)

Some name-actors turning into werewolves (Jack Nicholson, Alice Cooper, Adam Arkin, and Michael Landon – including footage from I WAS A MIDDLE-AGED WEREWOLF, the Halloween episode of HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN.)

In “WEREWOLF VS” we saw clips of various battles, including werewolf vs Gary Busey, werewolf vs. masked wrestlers, werewolf vs the three stooges.

Actor Matt Mitler talked about his transformation scene in the 1986 horror anthology DEADTIME STORIES.

Actor Craig Wichman dramatized the view-master reel CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF.

We screened cut-down episodes of the TV show THE MONSTER SQUAD and an episode of KOLCHAK about a werewolf on a cruise ship (written by David Chase, creator of THE SOPRANOS.)

And we also paid tribute to Paul Naschy, the Spanish actor-director who starred in over a dozen werewolf movies as Count Waldemar Daninsky. (including rare footage from the 1975 film “THE WEREWOLF AND THE YETI”)

There was also a howling contest, where audience members howled like a werewolf.