The first show featured nearly every version of the animated Hulk (1966 – 1996), plus clips from the 1977 pilot movie and the climax of 1990’s Death of the Incredible Hulk. Our feature presentation was “Metamorphosis”, an amazing 1979 live-action episode packed with glam rock, death fantasies, an indictment of the music industry and an LSD freak-out (Banner hallucinates that his alter-ego is chasing him across the desert, only to morph into a stoned Hulk!) Live entertainment included Hulkus (Hulk haikus) and a Hulk piñata smashed by an actor as the Green Goliath.

NOTE: The Kevin Geeks Out show first appeared at the UNDER ST. MARKS theater.

Originally titled THE SCI-FI SCREENING ROOM, as a live-companion to Kevin’s popular web-series THE SCI FI DEPARTMENT (created for AMC Network.)