A story is only as good as its villain, so comedian Kevin Maher takes an obsessive look at some of the best and worst super villains. This two-hour multi-media show includes a virtual parade of power-mad perverts, bald villains, cartoon criminals, Satanic weirdoes, wrestling heels and more.

Kevin is joined by co-host Tenebrous Kate (creator of My Dream Date with a Villain) and a diabolical line-up of special guests, including

  • Illustrator Becky Munich (“Monster Activity Book”) explains why Destro would be the perfect husband
  • Writer Nick Nadel (truTV, IFC.com) looked at the lamest villains in comic history
  • Doctor Maureen Mararese surveyed villain dialects
  • Filmmaker Paul Murphy (Red Obsession) got into the unique subgenre of superhero porn parodies
  • Professor Geoff Klock (“The Future of Comics, The Future of Men”) compared the comic book heroes with villains
  • Co-host Tenebrous Kate looks back at Villains Who Weren’t Wrong

Plus trivia prizes, the villain voice matrix and even some V.I.L.F.s