Nick Nadel co-hosted this night of superheroes, which featured a lot of footage not found on YouTube or Hulu, including scenes from The 1979 cartoon show FRED & BARNEY MEET THE THING. We also screened part of THE SPIRIT TV movie. And dramatized a view-master reel of SUPERMAN VS. THE COMPUTER CROOK.


  • James Dean Conklin, animator of WONDERMAN (TV Funhouse);
  • Professor Geoff Klock (MOMA’s Superhero fashion book)
  • Matthew K. Manning (writer for DC’s Batman Strikes)
  • M. Sweeney Lawless (curator of BIGFOOT Night)
  • Jay Stern (producer of FRANKENSTEIN Night)
  • Craig Wichman (who played Batman in BATMAN Night’s Fan Fiction)

Admission included 1 free Hostess Fruit Pie.