In this pre-Halloween edition of Kevin Maher’s comedy-variety show, Kevin and guests obsess over Stephen King stories. Especially the scary ones. The evening covers 40 years of film and TV projects, with close readings of the famous and infamous Stephen King adaptations: the good, the bad, the good-bad and the bad-bad.



  • Jenn Wexler (Producer, Glass Eye Pix) comparing the two film versions of CARRIE
  • Ritch Duncan (author, The Werewolf’s Guide to Life) looks at Silver Bullet and the influence of Stephen King
  • Caroline Symons (writer, Susan Vaginahands: Attorney at Law) digs into MISERY
  • Matt Glasson (Editor, Filmmaker) shares the lessons learned from CREEPSHOW
  • Edwin Samuelson (DVD/Blu-ray Special Features producer) celebrates King’s killer-car story CHRISTINE
  • Jon Abrams (Editor-in-Chief, DAILY GRINDHOUSE) zeroes in on fashion of Stephen King movies
  • Host Kevin Maher looks at water-as-memory in IT

PLUS: The Stephen King Echo Chamber, Stephen King movie posters from around the world, Dummy Deaths in Stephen King films and more!