There have been two different installments (so far!) of this KGO theme-night chronocling the “knockbusters” that attempt to cash-in on the magic of STAR WARS, KING KONG, E.T. and other blockbusters.

The two hour cultural cavalcade includes games, trivia, snacks and prizes, as well as guest speakers presenting rare footage you won’t find on YouTube or Netflix.


  • Emmy Award-winning Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan looks back at his favorite E.T. knock-off.  (It’s not Mac and Me!)
  • Professor Geoff Klock considers the difference between a rip-off and an homage.
  • Horror Blogger Brian Solomon presents a study of HALLOWEEN rip-offs.
  • Artist-Baker Sara Reiss serves up “knock-off” themed treats, using store-brand cereals.
  • Webby-winning comedian Rusty Ward pays tribute to the “female Chuck Norris”, Cynthia Rothrock
  • 92Y Tribeca programmer Cristina Caccioppo reveals her favorite CONAN THE BARBARIAN knock-off
  • Filmmaker Matthew Glasson explores the gritty legacy of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD rip-offs.
  • Cult-film lover Tenebrous Kate shares oddly-familiar clips from TURKISH CINEMA.
  • Tom Blunt (host of the MEET THE LADY series) looks at a MORTAL KOMBAT rip-off.
  • Writer M. Sweeney Lawless skewers KONGA, the British KING KONG.
  • Nick Nadel (editor, TheFW.com) offers a retrospective on bootleg movie merchandies and toys from around the world.
  • Jamie Greenberg delivers a first-class trivia game about rip-offs.