FULL DISCLOSURE: Kevin was invited to co-produce a MEET THE LADY show with the always-excellent Tom Blunt. Technically a MEET THE LADY show. Spiritually, a Kevin Geeks Out show.

This video variety show featured film clips, guest speakers, performers, and much more, including:

  • Women’s weirdest dream sequences (in films that range from the obvious to the obscure.)
  • Tenebrous Kate looks at dreams from Italian giallo films
  • Classical Harpist Riza Printup
  • John Epperson (as seen in Black Swan!)
  • Presentation by burlesque dancer Iris Explosion
  • Free Snacks by “The Food Daddy”┬áCas Marino
  • Joe’s Pub cabaret star (“The Shells Show”) Roslyn Hart
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab donated “Somnium” fragrance samples. Each one is meant to have a different effect on your dreams.

BONUS: Dream Sequences in Italian Giallo films