It’s a 99-minute cultural cavalcade of trivia, snacks, prizes, and guest speakers presenting rare film footage and TV clips you won’t find on YouTube or Netflix.  Kevin is joined by co-host Philip Shane (editor of the documentary UFOs – Seeing is Believing) and some very special guests.


  • Kevin presents a brief history of E.T. knock-offs.
  • A survey of the galaxy’s sexist extra-terrestrials.
  • A musical retrospective of Aliens that Rock!
  • A field-guide on how to identify alien invaders in everyday settings.
  • The Tin Foil Hat Competition


  • Dr. Justin Weinstein shares insider secrets with his talk “How to Make a UFO Documentary”
  • Anatomy Teacher Kriota Willberg dissects the concept of alien-as-parasite in science fiction films
  • Artist-Baker Sara Reiss serves up home-made Alien snacks
  • Cartoonist Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed to Thrizzle) presents his Martian-themed comic strips.
  • Emmy Award-winning Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan looks back at his favorite E.T. rip-off.
  • A Kindest Cut of a Super Friends episode starring Gleek the monkey.