About Kevin Geeks Out

Kevin Geeks Out is a video variety show hosted by writer-comedian Kevin Maher - a confabulation of obscure film clips, offbeat commentary, guest experts, games and curiosities. To geek out with Kevin you don't have to be a geek, just a pop culture adventurer.

To date, Kevin has geeked out with over 60 different installments of his variety night, dedicating a full evening to a specific topic, such as Bigfoot! - Robots! - Zombies! - KISS! - Wrestling! - Batman! - and Visions of the Future! Previous guests include writers from The Daily Show, award-winning cartoonists, scientists, comic book writers, film scholars, screenwriters, novelists, bloggers, a clown, a psychic, and Santa Claus.

Join Kevin each month as he and his guests share rare footage, sharp observations and funny takes on the tropes, themes and recurring images that occupy our minds. It's obsessive, in a good way.

About Kevin Maher

Kevin Maher is an Emmy nominated writer whose work has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO and AMC. His short-films have been shown everywhere from MOMA to Troma, with screenings outside of Sundance and Cannes. Kevin has created 6 different web-series (and at least 2 of them where good.) He's produced live, multi-media comedy events for The Paley Center, The 92Y Tribeca, JAWSfest, The Alamo Drafthouse, Boston's Geek Week Comedy Festival, and the Ohio Anime Convention. Journalists have compared Kevin to Ernie Kovacs and Jonathan Winters, buy his highest praise comes from Tiger Beat who called him "funny!" He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.